Here's some character bios to amuse you.
Terri Kotter: aka "Nerd Girl." Likes video games, computer games, etc. Would like to eventually make her own video game, except for one tiny problem; she doesn't know any programming languages. No (V)4d 1337 5k!11z here! Slowly learning not to trust other people's cooking. Recently, Terri has developed some "Jedi"-like powers.

Jackie Lee Chow-Li: aka "Ninja Chick." Usually she's just Jackie Lee, a mild-mannered artiste. But for no apparent reason, she'll don a ninja suit and crawl on the ceiling for hours. In this guise, she is Jackie Lee Chow-Li (utilizing the names of some of her favorite martial artists-note how "Seagal" and "Van Damme" are NOT used here.) Generally likes to be called Jackie Lee, to distinguish her from all the other Jackies in this strip-works for me.

Bethany Maerchen: aka "Smart Ass." Always ready with a sarcastic quip to point out the foibles of others. As her last name implies (German for fairy tales,) Bethany is into fantasy, like the fantasy that she is a multi-millionaire living in a palatial retreat with hundreds of servants to fulfill her every whim…but I digress. Possible brain damage from concussion received when she "met" Smilodon (Bonk!)

Pete: "I don't need no stinkin' last name." Friend of all of the above. Loves beer and collects steins. After receiving a bite on the knee from Jackie Lee, he became a werewolf. He isn't having too much trouble adjusting to the change; finds that as an endangered species, he is entitle to subsidies from the government.

Smilodon: aka "Fangs." Scientists recently discovered intact DNA of a sabre-tooth tiger. They decided to make a clone, substituting domestic cat DNA to fill in the gaps. Some spectacularly bad science followed and Smilodon, a miniaturized sabre-tooth cat was born. They named him Smilodon (the species name) because scientists are very creative. Unfortunately for the scientists, the cage was designed to hold a big cat and Smilodon easily escaped. Due to a concussion received during their first meeting, Smilodon loves Bethany. His current goal is to bump off the other characters.

Oubliette: aka "What is that thing?!" Oubliette is French for "place of forgetting." She's not quite a cat. Oubliette was spawned in a fearsome place- an ARTIST'S IMAGINATION. All who gaze into her eyes tremble before her. Only sheer laziness keeps her from taking over the world.

The Couch: aka "The Blue Monster." The couch that no one ever loved. As a result of frequent abadonment, it turned into a voracious monster, eating all who dare to rest on a certain part of the couch (O.K., it's the right cushion.) Oubliette is the only one to ever conquer the couch. The same scientists who created Smilodon might have also created the Couch.

Walter Pennypacker: aka "Pencil-pusher." He works for the bio-medical firm that created Smilodon. He was sent to retrieve Smilodon, but he was no match for Terri's Jedi mind tricks. The Couch almost eating him didn't help matters either. He will be back? Well, he's in the Cast page, isn't he?

The Dreaded Kiwi: aka, "The Incompetent Ninja." The Dreaded Kiwi is even more obsessed with the martial art of ninjitsu (ninjas) than Jackie Lee. He is almost always in ninja mode, refusing to let people know his real name. Unfortunately, he is not nearly as competent a ninja as Jackie is. He uses fruit instead of throwing stars (of course, he can get through the metal detectors with fruit.) He doesn't quite grasp the theory behind "concealment", so his favored costume is bright green. His goal is to be the best ninja in the world. He's got a long way to go.

The Hawaiian Cast:

Ulf Lee: aka "Wolf Boy." Ulf is Jackie Lee's brother. Possibly the smartest person of the bunch, as he lives in Hawaii while the others live in New England. He drops by to visit every so often, and it's probably not to see his sister (if you know what I mean.) He is a werewolf (hereditary condition-his sister is only a carrier,) but has more control over transformations than the newly infected Pete. His weakness for chasing live prey has occasionally gotten him into trouble.

Leilani Wolfe: aka Animal Control Officer Wolfe. Born and raised in Hawaii, Leilani works for animal control. Obviously, she's an animal lover, but she has other, more disturbing interests. For instance, she has a custom-made sniper's rifle that she uses to shoot animals (full of tranquilizers, not lead.) Will she solve the mystery behind the recent immigration of werewolves to Hawaii?

Jared: aka "The Wizard." Yes, Jared is a wizard. What kind of powers does he have? Why is he wearing such heavy robes in Hawaii? Did he create a really motivated guinea pig? Did he give it the ability to talk? All we really know about him (for now) is that he favors wearing bright colors.

Scuttles: aka, "the really motivated guinea pig." Not too much is known of his origins. He can talk and is currently residing in Hawaii. He must be intelligent, as he has outwitted both Ulf Lee and Animal Control. But then again, I might be damning him with faint praise.

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