You have the questions, we have some of the answers

Q: What's up with the title?
A: We like the title to be up on the top of the page, so that everyone immediately knows what comic they are reading.

Q: No, I mean, why did you choose "Horseshoes and Handgrenades"?
A: From that old saying, "Close only counts in horseshoes and hand grenades."

Q: Do you realize you spelled "Handgrenades" wrong? It should be "Hand Grenades."
A: It's called creative license (we like the look of Horseshoes and Handgrenades better than Horseshoes and Hand Grenades-plus it's easier to search for.)

Q: So, who exactly does what in this comic?
A: Teresa draws and scripts the comic. She also the originator of the comic and designed the web site. Amy scans into the computer and colors it in. Amy also writes up most of the news and other things on the site (e.g., this FAQ.) Caroline does some of the inking and is sometimes the "guest artist."

Q: At the bottom of the page, I see three chicks. Are they you?
A: Yes and no. In other words, the characters in the strip (well, almost all of them) are based on people Teresa knows, but certain details about them have been changed in order to make them more funny without royally pissing off said people. "Hey, it's not really you."

Q: Why aren't you in FemmeSpace yet?
A: Because we haven't been added yet.

Q: What's going on with KeenSpace Top 99?
A: We have no freaking clue.
Follow-up: KeenSpace Top 99 seems to be on a permanent hiatus, and Keenspace Super 100 is now taking its place. So, we still have no freaking clue.

Q: What's this backstory with the fruit guy?
A: The Dreaded Kiwi has been added to the Cast Page. If there are any characters you feel should be added to the cast page, drop us a line via the forum or through e-mail (all on the main page.)

Q: What happened with the weddings?
A: Teresa took a brief hiatus from the weddings, but has recently returned to that storyline. BTW, Leilani Wolfe and Ulf Lee were never really serious about getting married (for the time being); that was mainly a tabloid stunt. Nathan and Stacy got married off-screen because Teresa is all "weddinged" out in real life. Of course, the storylines are not set in stone and are subject to change.

Q: What's with the obsession on this Pete guy?
A: It's easy to put his character into bizarre situations.

Q: Any sexual subplots?
A: I think it's time for a little reader participation. Which characters should get together? Post it on the forum, send an e-mail, or send a comment through the feedback form.

Q: Why all the drift in the storylines?
A: Mainly because the comics are not drawn weeks in advance (think more like hours in advance.) So, sometimes when Teresa is drawing a strip, she realizes that, for whatever reason, she can't really think of any good ideas for the storyline, having some trouble drawing a character or action, etc. And if she were to take the time to work through the problem, the comic would be late. Hence, tangents. But one thing that really helps Teresa get back on track is reader feedback. That's why she returned to the Hawaiian storyline.

Q: What's the deal with the Saturday Paintings?
A: The Saturday Painting are a new feature Teresa is trying out. Every week, Teresa paints a watercolor featuring one of the characters from the comic. For that week, you can buy items with the image on them, but for that week only. To see the current week's merchandise, head over here. Also, if your heart is set on any item that you don't already see in the store go here to see a list of various products that Teresa can design for you. Send us an e-mail to let us know. Just keep in mind with some items, the image will have to be altered slightly in order to fit, and some items will have color issues. And if you order something through Cafe Press, and you're not satisfied, Cafe Press is great about refunds and replacements (we know from experience.) Also, if your problem is with placement or size, Teresa will be happy to alter it (within reason, of course.) If you want to buy something from the regular store, go here.

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