Sites of Personal Interest
Teresa Henchar - Artist Portfolio at
This one is to my art web page, where you can buy artwork I painted.

Passing Shadow
Here's my brother's web site. He's got poems and other works of literature. And a goofy comic of his own.

Here's a fan's site. Visit here and read his writings.

Twilight's End
Here's my friend Amy's web site. She's silly. She's also got some fantastic downloads for the Sims and some computer generated art.
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(This goes to the Old Funny Papers Top 200 List, not the new one)

Jackie LeeTerriBethany
Inking by
Caroline Kaneshiro
Art, Story, and Site Design by
Teresa Henchar
Coloring by
Amy McIntyre
Horseshoes and Handgrenades Comic Copyright 2001 Teresa Henchar.
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